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Basic common sense and identification of telescopes
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The multiples of the handheld binoculars are basically between 7~10 times. It is not a higher number of telescopes that are difficult to do, but because long practice has found that 7~10 times the most suitable range for a handheld telescope. The military handheld telescopes strictly follow this standard. There are no more than 10 times the number of handheld telescopes such as military active duty. The most commonly used ones are 7 times and 8 times, such as the most commonly used handheld telescopes in the Iraq war 7 times. In China, the classic mirror of an old army is 8 times. The optical industry takes 7, 8 times and 10 times as the best standard multiplier range for handheld telescopes (the average Toy Telescope is 2~3 times, and the ancient telescope is 3~5 times). The number of telescopes produced by regular manufacturers is also within this range. The telescopes, which are 50 or 100 times magnified, are purely to mislead people.