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Brief introduction to binoculars
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Binocular telescope (hereinafter referred to as "binocular") has many advantages, such as clear and bright, large field of view, easy to carry, and cheap. It is very suitable for astronomers to survey and observe the nebulae, clusters, comets and other surface objects.

If you used to use the astronomical telescope with high magnification and long focus, and maybe you didn't realize that you had lost much observation, please try the binocular lens, you will be deeply intoxicated by the beautiful scenery that you usually didn't enjoy in the field of view. Because of the wide use of the double cylinder mirror, it has a wide variety of varieties in the market and a great difference in performance.

Binoculars are a very useful astronomical observation tool. You can use it to watch a ball game, a concert, or a bird in the sky. You can also use it to appreciate the Milky way of two million light years, the crater on the moon, a few satellites, galaxies and nebulae around Jupiter.

Many people mistook the binoculars for astronomical observations. In fact, it is a favorite tool for many experienced astronomers.