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A brief introduction to telescopes
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Telescopes are optical instruments that use lenses or mirrors and other optical devices to observe distant objects. The light is refracted through the lens or light is reflected Aojing make it into the small hole and the convergence of imaging, and through a magnifying eyepiece and see. It is also called "thousand li mirror".

The first effect of telescope is magnify distant objects angle, make the eye can see the distance smaller details. Telescope second role is to collect the objective pupil diameter (maximum 8 mm) beam is much more coarse into the human eye, the observer can see faint objects invisible to the original. In 1608, Hans Lippershey, an optician in Holland, found that two lenses could see the distant scenery. Inspired by this, he made the first telescope in human history. In 1609, the Italy Fiorentina Galileo Galilei invented a 40 - fold double mirror telescope, the first practical telescope to be applied to science.

After more than 400 years of development, the function of the telescope is becoming more and more powerful, and the distance of the observation is getting farther and farther.